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Electrical Panel

PT. Zumatic Saka Persada With the rapid growth of Indonesia’s economy in the past decade, there are significant and continuous increase in the number of building projects in various industries throughout the whole Indonesia. This creates an increased demand of high quality electrical components. Also, Indonesia’s market awareness with the better knowledge for safety regulations and new innovations from around the world, makes such electrical components and products to be sought after in the current and future industrial projects.

Our contracting division also has a physical workforce that is an expert in their respective fields. Our service area not only covers the Greater Jakarta area, but we are able to serve to cover all regions in Indonesia.

Our Focus Electrical Panel :

  1. Motor Control Center (MCC) Panel
  2. Main and Sub Distribution Panel
  3. Generator Control Panel
  4. Distribution Board Panel
  5. AC/DC Drive Panel
  6. Capacitor Bank Panel
  7. Synchronous Panel.
  8. Change Over Switch (COS) Panel

Scope Of Work :

  1. Design
  2. Engineering.
  3. Supply and Procurement.
  4. Fabrication and Construction.
  5. Refurbishing.
  6. System Improvement and Upgrade.
  7. Maintenance and Service
  8. Training.

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