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Automation System

PT. Zumatic Saka Persada dedicated to providing innovative and cost effective solutions to all of your engineering needs.This webpage provides information about who we are and the products and services that we provide .Some recent projects that we have successfully completed are also accessible to give you an idea of what we are capable of the type of work we specialized in.For further details please refer to the projects links.. Our manufacturing services provide assurance to clients that their people, processes, and products are as safe and efficient as possible. From logistics and compliance, to safety practices and training, Industify helps you protect your personnel, hone your operations, and remain competitive in the marketplace.

From quality testing, manufacturing process troubleshooting and health and environmental guidance to business assurance, auditing, inspection, certification, training and consulting, we are the ideal partner to provide the tailored Total Quality Assurance solutions you require.

Our contracting division also has a physical workforce that is an expert in their respective fields. Our service area not only covers the Greater Jakarta area, but we are able to serve to cover all regions in Indonesia.

Our Focus :

  1. Control System (PLC, HMI/MMI, SCADA)
  2. Building Automation System.
  3. Factory Automation.
  4. Machine and Process Control.
  5. System Integration

Scope Of Work :

  1. Design
  2. Engineering.
  3. Supply and Procurement.
  4. Fabrication and Construction.
  5. Refurbishing.
  6. System Improvement and Upgrade.
  7. Maintenance and Service
  8. Training.

If you need Any question obout our service, please contact us 

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